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New Surrey Childcare? Montessori Preschool?

At CEFA Surrey Sullivan Heights, we’ll be offering something different. As a private early learning centre focused on Core Education and Fine Arts, our proprietary curriculum is designed to educate and develop your child – for kindergarten, and for life!


CEFA Childcare in Surrey Sullivan Heights Offering Core Education and Fine Arts

Established in 1998, CEFA is Canada’s leading Early Learning Private School. We are trusted by parents and have a reputation for developing intellect in the early years. CEFA provides children with the finest start in education, arts and the humanities.

At CEFA Surrey Sullivan Heights, core fundamental skills are at the heart of our curriculum. We’re excited to be able to offer an incredible opportunity for children to not only explore and learn, but to discover how they can contribute to the world.

CEFA Surrey Sullivan Heights is located in a charming standalone building just off King George Blvd and 58th Avenue in Surrey. The school will offer four spacious, natural finished classrooms, a professional kitchen, and two secure outdoor playgrounds. CEFA Surrey Sullivan Heights will have placements for 70 students, aged one to five, and provide families with enrolment options for 2 to 5 days per week.

Give your child the best of both childcare and early childhood education.

We are opening what you may traditionally think of as a daycare or a Montessori preschool in Surrey, BC, but there is a difference. CEFA is so much more. We focus on the academics because we believe the first six years have the biggest impact on how someone will learn later in life.

The skills learned at CEFA are transferable to other subjects, and to life. From S.T.E.M., Reading and Writing, to Fine Arts such as Yoga, Music and Drama, our students are not just learning and they’re not just playing – they’re always learning and playing. Our curriculum and how its taught also recognizes that children have different learning styles CEFA students learn from some of the best. Our Teachers have their Early Childhood Education licences as well as specialized CEFA Teacher Training.

Fill out an inquiry form or email us at We’d love to hear from you so feel free to give us a call for more information or to book a tour at 778-726-1006

Developing a better way of learning

Our schools are designed to provide your child with the right education at the right time: during the brain’s most formative period.

Having your child attend CEFA will help change their ability to learn, for life. What you give your child by enrolling them at CEFA early learning private school is curriculum that ensures that their future is the best and most successful it can possibly be.

“Absolutely amazing place for your children! Finally Alberta gets the very first CEFA early Learning School for children ages 1-5! We are so lucky to have it here in the hart of Calgary! Brand new 9000sqf facility for kids to get the very best education including creativity, science, STEM, arts, social studies, sports and many more! Small classes and exceptional teachers with CEFA curriculums will give your children the best environment to enjoy, learn, have fun and forver explore! I recommend CEFA to everyone!”
Anamarija Beslin

Why CEFA vs. Traditional Daycares in Surrey

CEFA is a licensed daycare with added Early Childhood Education proprietary curriculum. When considering Montessori preschool, other childcare curriculum, childcare programs, daycares or infant childcare, there is no comparison. The best daycare or Montessori preschool is one with Early Childhood Education curriculum that will help get your child ready for kindergarten, and one that makes them feel that their contributions matter.

Make sure you know the difference and what each school offers. The early
years are foundational to your child’s success in the future.

Download our CEFA vs. daycare, childcare and preschool comparison chart
and see for yourself.

Early Childhood Education is affordable. We’ve got your complete guide to the childcare subsidy in BC.

Find out if you are eligible for a BC childcare subsidy. We’re here to help.

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CEFA Early Learning Surrey Sullivan Heights Schedule


A note about scheduling at CEFA schools: We always want to welcome you even when you may not be scheduled. Occasionally parents may request to bring their child on a day outside of that child’s schedule. If there is space available in the classroom, the family would be invoiced a drop-in fee for that day. Please note that CEFA can only offer drop-in days to currently registered students. We do not switch scheduled days. Please contact the school for the drop-in fee.

School Closures


A note about school closures at CEFA: In case of inclement weather conditions or power outages which prevent CEFA Early Learning from providing service to families, the school’s Franchise Partner will make an early morning decision to close the school based on our School District.

Snow closures – In the event of heavy snowfall, our first priority is the safety of our families and staff. We expect to be open every day throughout the winter. However, if the public schools in our School District have made the decision to not open schools because the roads are deemed too unsafe for travel, CEFA Surrey Sullivan Heights would also be closed.


Sullivan Heights

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5790 King George Blvd,
Surrey, BC. V3X 1G8

Open Houses

Please contact our Director and Curriculum advisor, Carly:

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 7:30AM to 5:30PM
Hours subject to change with notice